2012-03-21JAC J5 Released in Brazil

In the evening of March 19th of Brazilian time, JAC held J5 Release Ceremony in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Bahia governor Mr. Jacques Wagner, and officials from Bahia government and Kama Surrey City, Chairman of the SHC Group Sergio Habib, Chairman of JAC Group An'jin attended the ceremony together.

On Mar. 18th, 2011, JAC released the first two models in Brazilian market: J3 and J3 Turin. In Aug. 2011, J6 also appear in the public view. Depending on the superior quality, fashionable appearance, comfortable and safe configuration, low maintenance costs, and a six-year warranty, they gained a high degree of recognition and support of the consumer and the automotive industry in Brazil. The whole export achieved 37,725 units in Brazil successfully.

On Sep. 4th, 2011, "Washington Post", one of the most authoritative newspapers in the United States, published an article named "China Tries to Win over Brazilian Consumers" in a significant position, importantly reporting Chinese products represented by JAC was making their efforts to change the image of Chinese manufacturing, and gained a favor from the majority of Brazilian.

JAC J3, taking 11 months, the fastest time completing The 60,000km Vehicle Durability Test of Brazilian most authoritative auto magazine"QUATRO RODAS", has become one of the best performance cars and has created the testing history by its perfect results. J3 has been firstly published in the cover of"QUATRO RODAS" in the form of dismantling legend since Volkswagen GOL was published 20 years ago.

As the fourth model launched in Brazil, J5 played a strategic role in enhancing JAC brand image and consolidating the market position of JAC in Brazil. Compared to J3, J3 Turin and J6, J5 is a more advanced car, which jointly designed JAC-Italy and JAC Japan Design Centers, and was praised as "Most Beautiful Car in the last 10 Years" by Pininfarina Company.

In addition, J5 has experienced the quality test over two years in Chinese market before launching Brazilian market with the excellent performance and hot sales. By its leading power and outstanding safety, J5 was awarded as "2011 CCTV Annual Compact Passenger Car", and its 1.5VVT engine developed independently by JAC received the award of "2011 Chinese Top Ten Engines".

Releasing in Brazil successfully, J5 becomes another strategic model, which has a great significance to enhance the overall competitiveness and brand influence to JAC in the local market.

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