2012-03-20JAC Heavy-duty Truck in Uruguay Engineering Machinery Expo
On 18th March, 2012 Uruguay Engineering Machinery Expo opened the curtain in Montevideo Prado Park.
Uruguay International Engineering Machinery Expo is a comprehensive international trade fair which is held by Agricultural and industrial Association of Uruguay. Since the first session was held in 1903, it has successfully held 107 sessions. Under continuously effort and propaganda, it has became the biggest expo in Uruguay, which represents the manufacture, trade and service industries level and a good platform of new products release and information communication. This expo has a certain influence in surrounding countries and every year attracts more than 500,000 visitors.
JAC heavy-duty trucks as the main products exhibited in this expo that attracted thousands of customers. Many customers expressed their admiration and trust after enquiry in detail. Though this expo, JAC brand recognition and sales volume should be enhanced in Uruguay.
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