2012-03-20JAC Attracts Media's Attention in Algeria Auto Show

From 15th-25th March, the biggest Algeria International Auto Show has been held. All of the local auto distributors will grasp this change to promote its representative brands. JAC distributor in Algeria with all series of passenger cars expose in this auto show.

In order to attract more customers' attention, JAC has put larges of advertisement in local mainstream media and websites that makes customers get more knowledge about JAC's brand and its products.

During the period of auto show, JAC passenger cars get the admiration from Algeria customers for its beautiful exterior and excellent quality. In the three days of beginning, JAC has obtained over one hundred orders. On March 17th, 47 units' JAC passenger cars were sold on-the-spot. Meanwhile, many Algeria journalists came to JAC booth and wanted to interview the distributor. The Xinhua News Agency journalist have interview with the responsible of JAC in Algeria to know more about JAC Company and the performance and development planning of JAC in Algeria. The journalist expressed that JAC light trucks have been adored by Algeria customers and relying on the excellent products quality and good brand reputation, the passenger cars of JAC should have good performance in Algeria as well.

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