JAC J3, taking 11 months, the fastest time completing The 60,000km Vehicle Durability Test of Brazilian most authoritative auto magazine "QUATRO RODAS", has become one of the best performance cars and has created the testing history by its perfect results. J3 has been firstly published in the cover of "QUATRO RODAS" in the form of dismantling legend since Volkswagen GOL was published 20 years ago.

J3 60,000km durability test began in May 2011. As the second Chinese car in the testing history, J3 filled the experts with doubt when facing the well-known and strict test. "Whether can it adapt to road conditions in Brazil? Whether has it spare parts maintenance plans? Can the 6-year warranty be implemented? Is JAC Dealer's service network in efficient?"However, the test result is perfect. Throughout the whole testing process, everything works very well in most of the time. Fukuda, the engineer of "QUATRO RODAS", complained that: "In fact, such a long time for normal driving made me feel a little tedious." But the dismantling results made the experts feel surprised.

The engine is in good condition. The pressure of oil and fuel meet the standard value, and the cylinders pressure is much higher than the minimum set value. Both the aluminum alloy cylinder and camshaft maintain intact. The carbon deposition level is far lower than expected. Both the inlet and exhaust valve clearances are within the scope of JAC settings. The spark plug is also in good condition after 30,000km travelling.

The analytic result of transmission made Fukuda feel surprised even more. The synchronizer rings, transmission forks, shaft housings, bearings and gears are all in good condition. The clutch kit also showed good: the clutch disc friction is still 1.2mm thickness---- the minimum thickness is 0.3mm. "This is perfect! Maybe I believe that the car ran less than 5,000km after I checked the complete dismantling transmission. It can completely run 40,000km more." Fukuda told the reporter. Moreover, the unharmed absorber experiencing 60,000km travelling brought the praise of "BEST SUSPENSION" for JAC J3.

In addition, JAC dealer's service also gained fully affirmed in the test. Enthusiasm, fast and efficient, JAC dealership network gained all these praises and was better than any other brands. This went far beyond the expectations of the test organizers. Because all of these, "QUATRO RODAS" editors praised: "If you want A-quality products and services, JAC J3 is worth owning."

In fact, J3 conquest of 60,000km test and publishing gloriously on the cover of "QUATRO RODAS" is the latest one in J3's honor records. The 1.3L aluminum VVT engine, equipped on J3, has been elected as "2010 Chinese Best Engine" which owned 16 advanced technologies. J3 has gained the highest score in APEAL Index Ranking by J. D. Power. Furthermore, a group of top automotive engineers including French Citroen former quality engineer has a strict test, consisting of seven days uninterrupted test and an average test of 200,000km for a single car. J3 has gained a high degree of recognition of the experts.

With these strong roots, J3 has gained the climbing up and up in sales achievement. In Chinese market, J3 continued the hot selling for many years. On behalf of overseas market, in Brazil, J3 has achieved the success of the average monthly sales of 3500 units, and the terminal sales throughout the year is more than 40,000 units, representing nearly 2% market share in Brazil. Winning "QUATRO RODAS" praise will further enhance the reputation of J3 in overseas market.

"QUATRO RODAS" is the first automotive magazine in Brazil, which established in 1960 and is the most experienced and the most authoritative auto magazine.

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